Big Belly Brewing Mo Phi

About Mo Phi

Style : Lemongrass Session IPA
Alc. Vol. : 4.5%
IBU : 42
EBC : 60
Available : Year round

The story of Mo Phi the witch doctor

Get yourself cleansed of all your inner demons! The legendary Asian witch docter will make you feel reborn like nothing else can. Just try his secret wonder beer. If you don't feel the desired effect right away, just take a couple more. Trust this guy. you will start talking love and happiness in no time!

His session IPA is brewed with loads of fresh lemongrass, Simcoe and Citra hops. It gives the beer a citrus aroma and flavors of lime, lemon and mango. Oh hoppy days!

About Smooth Louis

Style : Amber IPA
Alc. Vol. : 6.9%
IBU : 26
EBC : -
Available : Year round

The story of Smooth Louis the charmer

When Smooth Louis is swinging through the streets of New Orleans, all the fellas know they better keep their ladies in the house. When he starts playing, ooooh boy, even the peachiest girls want to.. play his trumpet. Is it voodoo? It's smooth for sure. Now, take a couple of sips of his beer and watch your own charms come to life!

His Amber IPA is brewed with a hefty 10g/l hop selection that mimics our favorite southern flavors, like lemon, orange and sweet white peaches. The hints of caramel top it off. What a wonderful world!

About Bobby Love

Style : New England IPA
Alc. Vol. : 5.5%
IBU : -
EBC : -
Available : Year round

The story of Bobby Love the ice breaker

From the moment they touched lips, Bobby was sold. Damn, this is the best drink he ever had! Hazy, vibrant, delicate and boldy juicy. The tropical flavours of mango, pineapple and lime made it intensely captivating. Is this the love he was searching for? Right at that moment, the most stunning lady sat down next to him.

"Titanic." - "What?" - "Sorry that's a bad ice breaker. I'm Bobby Love. Here try this beer. It's amazing."

She couldn't help but laugh and took a sip. Maybe it was fate, maybe it was this love potion, but form that moment on they were head over heals in love. Give this beer to your favorite guy or gal and thake a chance!

About About Æthelstan

Style : Peated Imperial Porter
Alc. Vol. : 10.0%
IBU : 30
EBC : -
Available : Year round

The story of Smooth Louis the first king

While on a quest of finding the perfect beer ingredients, Æthelstan stumbled upon a region called "Scotland". Their king, Constatine, was not willing to share their secrets. This made Æthelstan decide to conquer their kingdom, making him the first king of England.

The trophy was an ingredient by the name of "peated whisky malts", which became the soul of this beer. But that's not the only reason we named this beer after him. Old scripts say that Æthelstan was also a tremendous lover of pussy. We think it's really awesome that he was such an animal lover. So drink this beer with your favorite pussy right beside you. Cheers!