"This beer is inspired by the story of the original badass."


Style : Tripel
Alc. Vol. : 8.5%
IBU : 22
EBC : -
Available : Year round

About Adam

What is a typicall Dutch beer? Is there such a thing? Now there is. Take a Belgian Tripel and add the fruit Dutchies are famous for... Apples! We teamed up with the biggest Apple Juice producer of the Netherlands and created this new rendition of a Tripel. Refreshing, slightly sweet and with a hoppy aroma because of the Calysto-hop addition.

The legend Adam

One beautiful afternoon, a giant snake sppoke to Adam: "This red fruit is the most delisious food ever created. Eat it and you will be the happiest man on earth." "WTF" said Adam. How the f*ck can you talk? I'm the only man on earth, so I'm already the happiest man on earth dipshit. He knew it was forbidden, but not why, so Adam still took the apple and blamed Eve. She was super pissed and didn't want to walk around with het top off anymore. Worth it. Best, Food, Ever.

This beer is inspired by the story of the original badass. A ner rendition of the classic "Tripel" enriched with dutch "de appelaere" applejuice and hopped with Calypso to give it some extra apple and pear aroma's. Enjoy!