"Old scripts say that Æthelstan was also a tremendous lover of pussy."



Style : Peater Imperial Porter
Alc. Vol. : 10.0%
IBU : 30
EBC : -
Available : Year round

About Æthelstan

The pride of Big Belly Brewing. After many, many, many (8) test brews we created a very complex malt bill (10+ premium Dutch The Swean malts) that makes this beer one of a kind. Perfectly balenced and sticky sweet. It’s thick, creamy and has flavours of chocolate, caramel, licorice and a subtle hint of peated whisky. Top 3 rated Porter in NL and enjoyed by experienced and beginning beer drinkers.

The legend Æthelstan

While on a quest of finding the perfect ingredients, Æthelstan stumbled upon a region calles "Scotland". Their king, Constatine, was nog willing to share their secrets. This made Æthelstan decide to conquer their kingdom, making him the first king of England.

The trophy was an ingridient by the name of "peated whisky malts", which became the soul of this beer. But that's not the only reason we named this beer after him. Old scripts say that Æthelstan was also a tremendous lover of pussy. We think it's really awesome that he was such an animal lover. So drink this beer with your favorite pussy right beside you. Cheers!