"Please, be carefull with this cursed beer. You will be hooked for life!"


Style : Speculaas Doublebock
Alc. Vol. : 7.5%
IBU : -
EBC : 92
Available : Fall 2019

About Bockenreyder

The legend Bockenreyder

He knew it was wrong. He should’ve known better… While riding his mighty buck, Cornelis de Bockenreyder found the abby’s mountain of gold to be too much to pass. While plundering, a spirit spoke to him; “Thee shall not drinketh this dark ale, ‘r thee shall be cursed for all eternity!” Of course a man of his grandiose would not be told what to do!

A big chug was taken, a curse was spoken. From this moment forward, he could do nothing more than drink this ale. All day, every day. So please, be carefull with this cursed beer. A bock zo smooth and with just the right amount of vanilla an speculaas. You will be hooked for life!