"This potion is filled with the purest bourbon vanilla."

Papa Midnight

Style : Bourbon Vanilla Cinnamon Amber
Alc. Vol. : 9.0%
IBU : 26
EBC : -
Available : Year round

About Papa Midnight

Papa Midnight is inspired by the traditional cocktails of New Orleans. We created a clean amber ale and enriched it with Ceylon Cinnamon, 100% Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla and a heavy dose of premium Bourbon Whiskey.

The legend Papa Midnight

Papa Midnight hated the ill-mannered crowd in his beloves Bourbon street. Yelling, awful singing, horrible dance moves... No More! At night Papa finds hit victims and enchants them to be silent. Away with all the commotion

Luckily, New Orleans' witches created a special anti-dote against the grip of the voodoo king. This potion is filled with the purest bourbon vanilla, very best ceylon cinnamon and premium bourbon. Drink up and dance, swing, jump and sing like nothing ever happened.