Jerry Pow-Pow

Style : DDH Winter White IPA
Alc. Vol. : 8.0%
IBU : -
EBC : -
Available : Q1 2020

Jerry Pow-Pow will be your favorite after-ski beer. Hands down! It's a DDH Winter White IPA with juniper berries and an epic 18g/l of Amarillo and Mosaic Hops


YIIIIIHOOOOO! One night at the local schirmbar, Jerry tripped and bumped into this mega foxy German boardchick. She confessed she had been watching him for a while, and she said his disco pogo dance moves were 'ganz geil'. After they shared ten schnapps and beers, she invited him to board to a place where they could be alone.. Moments later, she unclipped her bindings, took off all her clothes and stood there, butt naked... "Nimm mich wie du willst." Ahh YEAH! Jerry can't wait to schred some pow-pow on his new board.