Bobby Love 12*33cl


New England IPA – 5,5%

Bobby Love is a fresh & fruity beer full of hops that give it juicy tropical fruit flavors, like pineapple, mango & some distinct coconut aroma.


The story of Bobby Love the icebreaker

From the moment they touched lips, Bobby was sold. Damn, this is the best drink he ever had! A hazy beer, vibrant, delicate and boldly juicy. All the tropical tastes made it intensely captivating. Is this the love he was searching for? Right at that moment the most stunning lady sat down next to him.

Bobby: “Titanic”
Lady: “What?”
Bobby: “That’s a bad icebreaker, I’m Bobby. Here, try this beer. It’s amazing.”

She couldn’t help but laugh and took a sip. Maybe it was fate, maybe it was this love potion, but from that moment on they were head over heels in love. Give this beer to your favorite guy or gal and take a chance!