Jacques 12*33cl


Holy Quadruple – 11%

Jacques is a boozy bad boy full of complex aroma’s like figs, plums, caramel and dark sugar syrup. The rich and long aftertaste is both spicy as it is velvety smooth. A new classic, with some Big Belly awesomeness.


The story of Jacques “the Saint’

After a long life, Jacques was greeted by saint Petrus and welcomed into heaven. Only an hour later, Petrus came by to take Jacques back: “I’m so sorry bro, but you have been mixed up with the pope. You drank three liters of strong ale every night, fought everyday and f*cked over a 1000 girls”. “Ah, merde” said Jacques “But that makes sense.” And he went back to the gates.

On his way out, he saw the pope waiting, covered with burn marks from his hour in hell. “Good luck down there! I’m on my way to visit the Virgin Mary” smiled the pope. To which Jacques replied, “Since 30 minutes she is just called Mary.”