LouLou 12*33cl


Easy Blond – 5,8%

LouLou is an easy blond, inspired by the flavors of New Orleans a.k.a. “The Big Easy”. Calista hops give this beer an amazing white peach & apricot aroma, and the honey infusion gives it a touch of lovely sweetness.


The story of LouLou miss sax

The night falls in New Orleans and little miss LouLou is in need of zome sax and Beer. A bar at the edge of downtown has just wat she’s looking for.

She wants the young, big and blond. Powerful enough to knock her socks off but leave nog trail the next day. Perfect before, during and after a sax session. An easy blond is all she demands! Just add a touch of honey, and LouLou will Chug that beer in no time and order a couple more!