Jerry Pow Pow


Hoppy Kristall Weizen – 5,5%

Jerry PowPow is a lot more drinkable than your normal Weissbier. “Kristall” is German for “yeah we filter beer hard”, making this Weizen a lot more crispy and crushable. We hopped it with Amarillo, for some nice orange and citrus aroma’s


The story of Jerry PowPow the shredder

YIIIIHOOOO. One night, at a local schirmbar, Jerry tripped an bumped into this mega foxy German board chick. She confessed she had been watching him for a while, and said his disco pogo dance moves were ganz geil. After the shared ten schnapps an beers, she invited him to board to a place were they could be alone… Moments later, she unclipped her bindings, took off all het clothes and stood there, but naked… “”Nimm mich wie du willst.” Ah yeah. Jerry can’t wait to shred some Pow-Pow on his new board.