Liquid Desserts No.27


Liquid Desserts No.27 a Double Shot Spanish Coffee Stout – 11%. An Untappd rating of 4 stars. How it tastes? Just as the beer is described 😉


In this case:

  • 12x Liquid Desserts 27 – Double Shot Spanish Coffee Stout – 11%

About our Liquid Desserts serie

We are proud to present to you our Liquid Desserts Series. We make ‘sexy beers’ with a lot of taste and with this series we bring that to a higher level. This series is everything we stand for. We asked ourselves what we really want when we drown ourselves in the indulgence of a guilty pleasure. Think of the moments in which you say f*ck it and order two desserts instead of a main course. The moments in which you just want to swim in a pool full of chocolate on an airbed made of cheesecake. These beers are rich, creamy, soft, decadent, over the top and full of taste. Exactly how you like it.