About Cabrón

Style : DDH Spring IPA
Alc. Vol. : 7.5%
IBU : 30
EBC : -
Available : Each year early march

The story of Cabrón the legend

While the young guys are scoring likes, who is scoring the Girls? This guy. Mamacita's are tired of the inadequate hombres, belittling them like they are objects. They want a man who lived through daring exploits and has more stories than followers. They want… señor Cabrón.

Don't think that all this action is too much for a man with his years, or that this legends 'ledgend' performs a no-show. No manches! The secret is in the power Motueka and Azacca hops will give you a steady flow of loving kindness down below, Ay Ay vamooosss! So do you need an extra push? Drink up! Saludos mis amigos!

About Ke'Aloha

Style : DDH Tropical NEIPA
Alc. Vol. : 5.4%
IBU : -
EBC : -
Available : Each year by the end of june

The story of Ke'Aloha the loved one

One morning, Ke'Aloha woke up in his hut and realized something. "I'm an asshole. Always stealing someone's waves, kicking sand on someone who just applied sun lotion or tripping some running kids.." Yep, it's funny, but he felt guilt towards his parents who named him "the loved one".

He decided to do better, and created this liquid Aloha to spread love to all. His beer reminds you of a tropical juice, with a soft and fluffy body because of the oats, a refreshing sourness thanks to the wheat and a lot of fruity flavors as a result of the massive double dry hopping with Motueka and Mosaic. ALOHA!

About Bockenreyder

Style : Speculaas Bock
Alc. Vol. : 7.0%
IBU : -
EBC : -
Available : Each year early september

The story of Bockenreyder the cursed one

He knew it was wrong. He should’ve known better… While riding his mighty buck, Cornelis de Bockenreyder found the abbey’s mountain of gold to be too much to pass. While plundering, a spirit spoke to him; “thou shalt not drink this dark ale, 'r thou shalt be cursed for all of eternity!” Of course a man of his grandeur would not be told what to do! A big chug was taken, a curse was spoken. From this moment forward he can only drink this ale, all day, everyday.

Please be careful with this cursed beer. A bock so smooth full of vanilla and speculaas... You will be hooked for life!

About Jerry Pow Pow

Style : DDH Winter White IPA
Alc. Vol. : 8.0%
IBU : -
EBC : -
Available : Each year early november

The story of Jerry Pow Pow the shredder

Yiiiiihooo. One night, at a local schrimbar, jerry tripped and bumped into this mega foxy german boardchick. She confessed she had been watching him for a while, and said his disco pogo dance moves were ganz geil. After they shared ten schnapps and beers, she invited him to board to a place where they could be alone... Moments later she unclipped her bindings, took off all her clothes and stood there, butt naked... "Nimm mich wie du willst". Ah yeah. Jerry can't wait to shred some pow pow on his new board.

Enjoy his favorite after-ski beer with juniper berries and an epic 18g/ltr of Amarillo and Mosaic hops.