Product Shot - Bockenreyder


Style : Speculaas Bock
Alc. Vol. : 7.0%
Availability : Every Autumn

The story of Bockenreyder the cursed one

He knew it was wrong. He should've known better...

While riding his mighty buck, Cornelis de Bockenreyder found the abbey's mountain of gold to be too much to pass. While plundering, a spirit came too him: "Thou shalt not drink this dark ale, 'r thou shalt be cursed for all eternity!"

Of course a man of his grandeur would not be told what to do! A big chug was taken, a curse was spoken. From this moment forward he can only drink this ale, all day, everyday.

How Bockenreyder tastes

Please be careful with this cursed beer, a bock so smooth and full of vanilla and speculaas... You will be hooked for life!