Style : B.A. Nordic Stout
Alc. Vol. : 11%
Availability : from 4-10-2023

The story of HŒNIR the giver of reason

Once upon a time in the frosty realm of the Nordic gods, there lived a god named HŒNIR. A weird god, you see, he had a knack for coming up with the oddest ideas.

One day, as HŒNIR was lounging in his hammock, he had a revelation. He thought to himself, "Why, oh why, do humans wander the Earth without a shred of reason? They need something to make sense of it all, something that brings them together in merriment!" And that's when it hit him like a bolt of lightning, albeit a slightly tipsy one.

HŒNIR decided to bestow upon mankind the greatest gift of reason, and it wasn't philosophy or mathematics. No, it was something far more entertaining: beer! He descended to Earth and gathered the first group of humans he could find, who were sitting around a campfire, scratching their heads and grumbling about the meaning of life.With a twinkle in his eye, Hoenir handed each of them a frothy mug of beer. "Drink this, my friends," he declared with a mischievous grin, "and behold the elixir of reason!"

The humans took hesitant sips, and their expressions transformed from confusion to pure delight. Suddenly, they began to chatter, laugh, and share stories. The campfire was alive with merriment and camaraderie. Hoenir watched with satisfaction as the humans discovered the joys of beer-fueled reasoning.

"Cheers!" they shouted, raising their mugs high.